It is finally Fall. It took Northwest a while this year to part with the scorching hot Summer. Fall is one of my favorite seasons (after Winter). I love the slow turning of the leaves as trees prepare to sleep for upcoming three months or so. Everything is bright and beautiful with the chill in the morning. It is the best season to sleep with an open window — fresh, crisp air gives you pleasant dreams.

I started running about a month and a half ago, and this time I am planning to run through Fall and Winter. It might be wet and miserable a bit, but it is so worth it as I get great runner’s high and it keeps the depression away (at least so far).

The days are shorter. I hurry home from work so I can catch at least an hour of sunlight with my pup. My pup needs a lot of walking possibly because when I got him, I gave him 3 hours of walking and hunting a day to keep his anxiety away, so now he is spoiled, buff with high endurance and demands the same amount of walking a day. I slowly reduce some minutes off the walks in hopes he does not notice. It might seem silly, but my dog has an uncanny sense of time and is a control freak as far as routine goes. It is he that keeps me in line with the schedule rather than the other way around.

I still bake bread. Only now I bake mini-loafs, so there is no temptation to eat an entire amount of goodness fresh out of the oven. The best time with homemade soup of any kind. Baking bread is also such a Fall and Winter activity filling your apartment with the wonderful aroma of yeast and comfort only bread can give.

School is in its mid-semester: the time of midterms and tiredness and wait for Thanksgiving, the semester end, and Christmas. I am pretty oblivious to either of these Holidays as they became so commercialized. I hate the songs of “jing a bells” and carols that start playing in stores the day after the Black Friday. Black Friday itself somehow made its way into the Thanksgiving tradition for many: turkey on Thursday, shopping madness on Friday. America is funny that way.


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