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Need to learn how to run in the rain. It will be raining for the rest of the winter so there you go. I have been sacking on running because I really hate running at work and today I want to leave work early so I can urban hike with my pooch. Work is slow and I have to get up every 15 minutes because I cannot just sit on my butt anymore. I am antsy and possibly in a state of hypomania. Who cares though. Go go is good. I have run out of art supplies. I really like how the latest series turning out. It started as an experiment letting the paint do what it will. Lack of control proved to be a good choice and teaches me patience. I am watching a show that someone recommended and surprised at how good it is. It is called “Get Down” and it is on Netflix. It is situated in the late 70’s during the rise of disco and first DJs. The main characters want to be as good as Grandmaster Flash who is incredible. I think he was the very first DJ who tried to beat match. There is an involvement of “magic crayon” that marks the beginning and the end of the beats on vinyl. The story is also full of parallel happenings with various misfortunes of the main characters and overall political situation in the U.S. and black America at that time. It also depicts the rise of DJ culture which later develops onto DJ being a god. I see definitely a big influence on its development and on what it is today. The show is rich, smart, informative and so so good. I thought of some parallels about the want of the main characters to get excellent at something with Jonathan Lethem’s “Fortress of solitude” where he outlines similar struggles with African Americans to reach success, only with comics. It makes me want to reread it.

That’s my 20 lines for today.


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