heather lake

Beginning of March already. Time flies like crazy. I don’t know where winter has gone. It’s like it never happened. Spring is definitely here in Oregon. The daffodils are blooming full blast. The rest of the vegetation is not far behind. Everything has buds on it and they are growing at high speed. I’ve been monitoring them during our daily walks around the neighborhood and urban hiking.

It’s the middle of the afternoon but I am craving a glass of vino already mostly because I am bored and a little depressed. Work is super slow and I have no motivation to work on a couple of projects that wait for my attention. In many ways, I am OK with going back to office life where I can give them my undivided attention.

I am banning myself from social media as of today. Going there makes me 1) miss Alaska very much, 2) feel like everyone has a much happier life full of smiling selfies and food porn. I know this is just an illusion and that everybody has some kind of shit happening but nevertheless…

My life is so boring right now that the most exciting news I have is that I am getting a new washing machine. I am literally excited as my current machine screams and moans every time I use it. The noise is throwing my Netflix time into the abyss of these sounds. Reading subtitles creates a segregated watching experience as I constantly try to marry what’s going on on the screen to what is being said via text on the bottom of it.

So, here I am somnambulating through non-happening life. The fact that I hate Spring does not help matters. I guess it is time to take the reins in my hands and start generating some excitement somehow. Cheers to change!


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