dog and I

Friday is my favorite day. The anticipation of the weekend and everyone is already in a weekend mode so not too busy at work. I usually take Opee on a very long walk and then just ease into my day. Bliss.

I started seriously writing. There is a short story in the works the preview of which you might have seen in my previous post. I hope it is a decent story. I feel insecure as I am barging into the uncharted category for me. am I good? Just like with art, you rely on other people to validate you because just like art you really create it for other people to witness, read, see, enjoy, and interpret.

Today I also cut my hair and took a shower. Screw COVID. I feel like a human again. I am fighting back. I already got the first shot of the vaccine. The second one is coming in two weeks. I cannot wait not to wear the mask on the walks. Mine is pretty thick and makes my mouth too hot. But it is a small sacrifice towards not getting sick.

As I write right now my doggo is sleeping because we just finished a two-hour walk couple of hours ago. However, I want him to wake up so that he can do his business before we settle in for the night and I can binge-watch “Dexter” and drink wine.

Sometimes I post these lines on Facebook to share my thoughts and gauge the temperature of a virtual crowd. Sometimes it does not work as people on social media stray away from longer posts. They read the top paragraph, skim through the middle and read the closing paragraph. I know this from their comments.

Four more lines to go and I find myself with nothing more to say. Sometimes it happens like that. You exhaust your thoughts in the first few lines as they do come in parts. I started keeping a journal by my bed so that I can write whatever comes at night so that I continue to elaborate on it throughout these posts. I found myself thinking that I need to pick up the pace so that I can actually write something substantial and meaningful. Today though my thoughts are scattered and it’s OK. As long as I am writing something I see it as a step forward.


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