stars falling

It’s Friday night, and the outside is loud with cars. It’s about 9 pm. But it is quiet in my apartment except for the snoring of my little piglet who is not a real piglet, he is a dog, but I like to call him Piglet.

A friend of mine once posted on Facebook of all places about the death of a writer named Harry Mathews and recommended a book by him called 20 Lines a Day. Well, I bought the book and fell in love with the man and his daily 20 lines. His writing is reflective and astute and unpretentious. It is not trying to be anything than what it is — his daily thoughts on anything that day or sometimes just a record of what took place.

So, this is my effort to practice the same — 20 lines only in a week (writing does not come easy for me) for however long it will last. Eight more lines to go today.

My grocery list:

dog food
dog treats
more dog treats
frozen pizza

I think grocery lists say a lot about people. For example, from those above you can probably deduce that I am a smoker who does not care about nutrition and loves her dog. Although, I think pears might throw you off a little. I just like pears. It ‘s nice to know what you like with certainty because sometimes it ‘s hard to know for sure. I like pears. For sure. It’s a start.




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