Few days of 2017 left and I am relieved of that. 2017 was a pretty tough year, the one where nothing goes on as planned and consists of emotional turmoil and heartache. Although there were some happy moments, overall I do not wish to repeat this year. So, 2018, I await you with anticipation of better things to come.

To tell you the truth, I do not celebrate the Christmas except for the dinner with friends (a long-standing tradition that followed us from Alaska to Oregon). The dinner is all about good food and good company. As much as I am generally not a social person (largely due to spending a lot of time in solitude accompanied only by my beastie) some traditions deserve the efforts and X-mas dinner is one of them.

I have two weeks free from work these holidays and find myself nervous about not being productive. However, this post is a step in right direction of doing something already. I plan to create a hiking schedule and stick to it. There are so many places left to explore. Two mandatory ones are Bayocean by Tillamook (one of my favorite places to go) and Trillium Lake in Mountain Hood area for a frolic in the snow. There are also some books to finish on the docket as well. Today, however, I am taking it easy with a time-off from the exercise and hiking. I started my day with a long walk to the field to let the beastie run free, talking to my sister who is in Belarus, and a hearty breakfast of eggs and coffee followed up by few episodes on Star Trek. Although I do not normally watch TV during the day, today as an exception as in the day of sloth TV is a necessity.

Here is a cheer for doing nothing significant and enjoying a free time! With that, I proceed to watch episode 3 of season 2 of Start Trek. Over and out.

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