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Monday is here and it is a Monday after my week-long time off. It was wonderful not to work for a week. Tomorrow I am buying a lottery ticket.

Even though I started working again it is not busy. Granted I have plenty of projects besides tech and pedagogical support of the faculty but feeling way unmotivated especially that I have a new drawing in progress. The job is just a job and there is no fault in taking small breaks from it during the day. It clears one’s mind and allows for better performance.

It is a rainy season once again. This winter has been wet. Probably the wettest season in seven years that I lived here. Can’t believe it has been seven years already. Time sure flies when you get older. I have this unfounded fear that time is running out for me. Maybe 30-35 years left in reserves. 40 if I am lucky. Judging by the speed that time passes by I will be there in no time. And where do I go from here except trying to enjoy every minute of the time I have left. Thus, work is just work and not my life.

Listening to “Popping” by Hank Mobley. Great LP! I can’t believe that I love jazz after being a DJ for house music and being heavily into IDM. But I guess things change with age and growth as a person. It is not that I don’t enjoy IDM anymore. I just prefer to listen to Jazz first. Go figure. If someone had told me it will be this way even 5 years ago I would not have believed my ears. People do change contrary to popular belief.

I miss Alaska lately. A lot. Not sure why. It’s pretty hard there nowadays with cut funding to everything including education. Online education (which is my forte) is thriving though. Maybe I should be on the lookout for jobs there although it’s a bit scary. I already passed two opportunities. This should be a clear sign that I don’t really move back there. Even so, nostalgia is getting the better of me right now especially after seeing the beautiful wilderness covered in white pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Maybe I should just stay away from social media for a while.

I am trying to finalize my running schedule and it is clear that I have to run in the mornings before I walk the beastie. In theory, it is wonderful as it sets the mood for the entire day. In reality, it is a drag because I like my sleep, and waking up in the wee hours of the morning is difficult, to say the least. But I have to prevail as it is a great aid to my fluctuating mood swings and general well-being. Not to mention for losing COVID-acquired weight gain.

Anyhow, things chug along as they always do and there is no downside of that that I can think of. Grammarly is telling me that I have 21 errors in this post. I guess I am still not in total control of English nor am I in total control of Russian anymore. In-betweener all the way. That’s fine. Below is the earth and above is the sky. Can’t wish for better scenery.

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