I have not written in a while. Got too busy and my mind was stuck on performance at work rather than my personal interests. I hate when this happens when work eats all of your energy and mental capacity. When you come home so exhausted that doing anything but going on a walk with the Piglet or watching Netflix is…

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city light


Today in my beehive of an apartment complex everyone received the following notification: In order to maintain the aesthetics, we need your help! Please ensure that your patio/balcony is always kept neat and orderly at all times (this is part of complying with your lease agreement). This month we will begin doing regular property walks to make sure that everything…

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work in progress


I started this painting piece couple of days ago, and at the time it felt marvelous creating it, putting paint on, making marks, scraping, dabbing. This physical part of painting is very much like a kinesthetic thrill or a runner’s high. We don’t talk much about art regarding physical motions of an artist. We often speak of meaning, the possible…

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after the rain picture


It rains in Oregon. A lot. In fact, rain is Oregon’s middle name and last name. I don’t like rain, but here I am, living in Oregon and complaining about the rain. I suspect most of the Oregonians do the same — complain about the rain. Today not only did it rain, but it also hailed. Little round balls of white.…

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stars falling


It’s Friday night, and the outside is loud with cars. It’s about 9 pm. But it is quiet in my apartment except for the snoring of my little piglet who is not a real piglet, he is a dog, but I like to call him Piglet. A friend of mine once posted on Facebook of all places about the death…

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