winter is coming

Snow day! Yey! It is so rare to have one here in Oregon. I am happy, the dog is happy. Happiness all around. Children are frolicking on the streets either being pulled on the sleds by their parents or sledding themselves from hills around the neighborhood. Many people are walking, including the beastie and me.

Not whole a lot happened since I last wrote except I sold 3 more drawings on Etsy. One to a friend but two to a random guy in Germany who apparently has a lot of “gooses.” That made me smile remembering my own early forays into English. He also gave me a great evaluation of my art in general. It was also funny because I asked him how he found my shop (i.e. how he stumbled upon it) but he took it as me asking for overall experience. Also made me smile about sometimes ambiguity of the English language. In any case, I am grateful to him for both linking my art enough that he wanted to buy and a great critique of the shop itself.

I have not been drawing prolifically as of late. I don’t know if it is laziness or a bit of a burndown. Maybe a little bit of both? I started another piece today but majorly fucked it up. Got angry but then after a while remembered that I can re-draw it. Hilarious that I did not think about it the minute I fucked it up, especially that recently I actually told a friend that art is easily reproducible.

I started training for a half-marathon and of course as soon as I did the weather changed to unrunnable. It is always either my knee hurts or inclement weather in the form of heavy rain. It is like the Universe does not want me to run. Frustrating because I really need to run not just for building endurance but for mental health as well.

I have not baked bread for a while but cooked my favorite soup borsch. I think I finally achieved perfection. It is super delicious. However, I found out that I prefer the vegetarian version. I am not a vegetarian myself but for some reason don’t want meat in my soup.

Anyhow, my dog is driving me nuts at the moment because he wants to go on a walk. It’s too early but I am going to go with a flow and let him. If we finish it early for dinner that it’s on him. I am not taking him on a third walk later today. He’ll just have to tough it up.

That in a nutshell is the pinnacle of happenings today. Tomorrow might bring more excitement. But I am content even if not much happening.


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