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Rainy day today but we got lucky and walked between the pours. This morning we went to Rock Creek Greenaway urban trail that goes along the preservation nature area which is green and full of ducks and otters to break the monotony of going to the same urban trails during the working week. Although we have 5 trails to alternate for some reason Opee just favored two of them for multiple days. My days are the same as they are so it was pressing on my brain.

During our urban hike, we encountered an asshole goose that was attacking every passer-by.  The end result was that Opee was bitten in his bum. It was hilarious and I wish I was quick with the camera to take a picture. I suspect from now on we will avoid coming close to the perpetrator.

Other than that adventure there is really no new news. I started working on another drawing. It is not going fast as it usually is mostly I think because I have exhausted the theme of whimsical stories and bones. One of my Etsy buyers did a review of my shop as I asked him to. I was surprised that he put any effort into it. He found that people tend to avoid my bone drawings. True. I think they are the strongest ones of all but I guess too much for other people.

I desperately need an art show. I have a ton of drawings that I would like to share with people in a setting besides Etsy. There are two problems with that. First, it is very hard to break into Portland’s art scene. Second, I would have to frame all of them and do not have a place in my small house to store them. Both reasons are pretty lame if you ask me. Maybe I am just a chicken to deal with hurdles of any kind. Plus there is always a garage. Who needs to keep my car there?

Just cooked a pot of borsch. I made a vegetarian version. I love vegetables, I love looking at them, I love feeling them, I love smelling them or squizzing them to figure out the freshness. I love making a great meal out of them: chopping them and cooking them. I think I am a vegetarian at heart if only I did not love red meat on occasion. But chicken is my vice. I share some of it with Opee as a treat at dinner time. Cannot stop this habitual occurrence.

That being said, the borsch is cooked and the chicken is ready for consumption as well. Let it be what it will be.


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