winter is coming

Well, Biden is here. I have never thought that I will experience immediate relief once Trump was out of office but I did. It seemed that I could breathe a little easier like the weight have been lifted. I am not particularly fond of Biden especially after listening to this podcast: But I’ll take it! In my opinion, all politicians are corrupt one way or another. But anyone but Trump, right? Right. It helped that the media actually made Biden a saint for democracy so that he will be electable by certain demographics. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about Biden winning (anyone but Trump, remember?) but I will be interested to see what he actually does beyond signing 17 executive orders on the first day. In whole honesty, I think he will be a democrat’s pawn and Kamila will be running the show behind the scenes. She is much smarter. But we will see.

It is starting to rain here again and my dog refuses to go outside and in a day there is a prediction of snow. That would be grand! It will probably melt pretty quickly but I’ll take even just a few minutes of the white goodness.

Made borsch again. It’s my favorite soup. It is so simple and takes about an hour to cook. But you have to let it stand for a while to get all the flavor in and generally this soup is better after 3 days of making it. I was experimenting with the traditional recipe and I dare say it turned out perfect and super yummy. I wish I was meeting my friends so that I can bring it to the party and share the goodness.

So, from Biden to my favorite soup in this post. That’s where my head is: not in one space but all over.

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