Beautiful day today. It’s pretty cold in the morning but with sunshine. Just like I like it. Reminds me of early Fall in Alaska. I walk my dog with pleasure on such days and try to stay outside as much as possible. Surrounded by beautiful colors of trees preparing to shed their leaves which makes the air brighter it is incredibly peaceful. Lately, we have been averaging 10mi a day even without me running. It feels good and keeps my beastie happy. He is aging. He is 9.5 yrs old but still moving like a young dog. I think the key to a longer and happier life is to keep moving no matter if you are human or a bestie.

I have to been running much as my knee is really sore. My biggest fear is that my running career is over. It truly will affect my psychological well being. But I am thankful that I still can walk many miles on end. Maybe the key is to run in the morning before the walk when my knee is well-rested. That’s about the only complaint I have today.

I have great news. I sold two drawings on Etsy. Yey! This gives me confidence and the motivation to produce more. Not that I really need motivation. I have been drawing a lot but I have not been putting the drawings on Etsy as I always have self-doubt if my artwork is good enough. The drawings that were on Etsy are older and now I have to share my latest work (hence the confidence). I hope people who bought it enjoy it and are happy with it. That’s all an artist can ask for. If there are any readers of this blog you can see my Etsy shop at

I am looking forward to the evening walk with the beastie. It became windy and a hat weather since the morning. This is a comfort for me as I love to bundle up. Not sure if the doggo loves it. I suspect he does. Better than overheating at 90F of this summer for sure. I am also looking forward to decompressing this evening — the last day before the workweek starts. “Great British Baking Show” here I come!  And a glass of red, of course. I recently decided that I don’t live for work I work so that I can live. (I’ve read it somewhere but I don’t remember where so I cannot give an attribution.) And that makes everything infinitely better. Well, I just hit 20 lines. Over and out.

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