The rainy season is finally here. According to my Google lady, it is supposed to rain non stop for at least 2 weeks. The difficult part is not the rain though. Rain gear can fix that. The difficult part is grey skies. Just like in Alaska the dark fucks with your brain here it is the grey. Might be the…

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“… do the good duty of getting done what you are supposed to during the day. You will then have a reason to give yourself the reward of wine at evening.” Harry Mathews I finally finished “20 Lines a Day” and indeed partook in such reward. This book in itself was like sipping an excellent wine. Each day I tried…

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Winter is definitely here. This morning we had a first frost. It was marvelous. I wonder if the temperature continues to decrease we will get some snow. That’s the most exciting news of this week. My world is still pretty small. One of the positive things that are happening is that I am getting closer to completing my Masters. After…

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