forest park


Vacation is over and as always it always feels that it was not enough time to decompress. The first week you are just trying to get used to the idea that you don’t have to go to the office and the second week just flies too quickly. My time off was mellow and off key. I spend a wonderful 2 days with my…

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Walking in the fog is like taking a bath followed by a cup of warm milk — pure fuzzy comfort. Things almost unrecognizable disguised by the semi-transparent shimmering dust. Even cacophony of cars seems to reduce itself into a gentler murmur instead. The mystery of alleys and buildings dissolve as you approach which almost takes you by surprise and a…

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walking shoes


I walk 7.5 miles on average every day. That’s 52.5 miles a week. That’s over 200 miles a month. In my neighborhood, there are 4 different routes that my dog likes, so we stick to them. Each day we cover 3 different combinations. One is going through Orchard Park, one leading to a huge field where Opee can run freely…

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