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It is the end of October and the temperature is still in the 60’s. It is crazy. I hope that winter will appear sometime and make me happy with a little frost in the mornings.

We went to a field this morning and somehow spent 3.5 hours there. Time flew as there were a lot of people and other beasties to say hi to. That was our social interaction for the day. Many of these people are becoming friends and I am very happy about that. It is difficult to make friends when you are an adult. Not sure why. Maybe it takes too much effort that we are not willing to put in. It was great to see my bestie playing with other dogs. I remember the time after I just adopted him when he was lunging after every dog we passed by. Those times are gone now and Opee blossomed into a great and playful dog. It is all about trust, I think. Now he realized that nothing bad will happen to him with me guarding his side. I will always have his back.

I am working on a new piece of drawing and it is going pretty slow. Much slower than other pieces. Maybe I am burned out a little bit and need a break to come up with other ideas. Usually, they come to me in either a dream or when I am walking. Just like thoughts for these posts. I suppose that’s when your brain clears itself from all the garbage that sometimes accumulates there. In spite of practicing mindfulness, the garbage still has a tendency to seep in. It is human nature to let it in and dwell on it. Or at least it is true for me.

This evening I will bake bread. I need to suspend my hands into the fragrant goodness of the dough and make my house smell like it. There is no better smell than the smell of fresh bread that makes your home feel like home.

I am not running this week. Taking a break from the many miles that I did last week. My running schedule is in disarray and my body does not know when to run — on the mornings or during the day. Getting it under control and used to moving again is an effort. And lately, I seem to find many excuses for not running. This worries me because once the excuses start they have a tendency not to stop. I need to acquire my lost discipline. Not sure where to look for it.

The election time is creeping in. I already voted but cannot wait for the results although I don’t know if it’s out of dread or hope. My biggest fear is that we all underestimated trump just like in 2016 and he will win again. But I suppose a lot of people have the same fear.

Politics and not running aside, my days are pretty happy as of late. I make myself busy with things that I enjoy doing. Life is too short for not making it enjoyable and I have to take delight in as many activities as I can. Therefore there is writing, reading, creating art, hiking, the ocean, and walking the beastie are focal points. The rest is just a necessary hiccup to overcome. They say that a spoon of sugar helps the hiccups go away. For that reason lets create sugar. As much of it as we can.

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