Ten more days left of November. Time tends to fly the older you get. I’ve been working on drawings a lot lately. They are coming along nicely. Being on ETSY and selling some gives me extra motivation. If anyone reading this and would like to check them out: HTTP:// It is nice to know that someone else likes your art.

The bad news of the month is that I might never run again. My knee is completely busted. It is sore even after a walk. Granted with my beastie it is speed walking because he is just so fast. Thus maybe I should not worry about it too much as I still get the exercise.

It’s been raining a lot lately and it looks like we are in for a very wet winter. I hope temperatures drop and maybe we will get some snow. The pristine whiteness of the streets would be the most welcome development. I can always go hiking mt. Hood. Maybe get my snow fix there. I have been missing Alaska lately pretty bad and thus staying away from Facebook as much as I can so that I don’t see the beautiful pictures of Alaska in the winter.

Other than that business as usual in spite of the craziness with the election and COVID on the rise. At this point, I am so used to the same routine every day that if I deviate it feels wrong. I am becoming my dog who is a king of the routine and does not deal well with change.

Today I bought beautiful beets for borsch. I have been craving it lately. It actually feels good to look forward to cooking something other than pasta and pizza. I can’t wait for the purple goodness to fill my house with a wonderful smell. Making bread is also on the docket. Warm yeast is the queen of smells. I wish there was a candle for that.

So here I go, back to the routine activities, waiting till 3 o’clock for the last walk of the day. As much as I love walking in the rain I hope there would be none as I am getting a bit weary of everlasting wetness. One can only hope.


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