heather lake

I miss hiking. COVID is brutal in this respect. I am afraid that when I get to the trail there would be tons of other people and it ould be hard to pass them on a narrow trail. Opee and I go fast. We cloak a mile in 20 minutes. We both like to be fast as it feels more like a workout, like we gave it all under the green canopy.

I miss the ocean. My favorite place is closed. The rest of the beaches are overcrowded and being spoiled with being on the beach alone I cannot stomach to see many others. Besides, most of the beaches are short. A mile at the most. COVID is cruel in this respect.

My friend’s cabin on a lake is calling to me. It’s time to get away from the city. The cabin is in WA and it is a 4-hour drive which is brutal but if you go for 3 days it is worth it. I am looking forward to swimming and hiking as there are never too many people on my favorite trail there.

Not much is happening during these COVID times and it is hard to write as the routine of every day is the same. Walk the beast, work, walk the beast, eat (preferably pizza), drink wine, Netflix, book, sleep. Every single day except for when I have to go to a store for food. That’s the only excitement: stand in line for Trader Joe’s, catch up on the gossip there. But it is hard to complain about my life. I work remotely which I love and actually keep an eye for an opening for a remote position, get a paycheck every month, keep moving even if I don’t want to which is good for mind-clearing. The only thing that I need to pick up again is running. It’s been so hot that it was impossible to run, so it is scheduled to start next week. I miss it and the clear mind and feeling of elation afterward.

I’ve been reading the news. There is no good news in the US. I am quitting as it is beyond depressing. From now on I am going to stay ignorant and in my own bubble with my same routine, my books, my art, and the beastie. It’s good for the soul to do a spring cleaning of darkness once in a while. So I am going to scrub it out.


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