Smoke is here. As if COVID was not enough life throws you another curveball. My windows have been closed for a week and because my house is so well insulated it is incredibly hot. My poor dog!

Work is stressful with everyone teaching online. You’d think faculty would get used to it now seeing how they have been doing it for the last 7 months. Not so.

Just heard my co-worker kissing the ass of my boss at an all-staff meeting. That was funny. I was not asked to speak as I do not exist. Fine with me. The more invisible I am to them the happier I am. Just wish I have to meet with them less.

Reading the gem of the book called “the hearing trumpet.” It’s quirky and funny. It deals with aging and what it means. The main character is a 92-year old woman and the story is told from her perspective. It’s by Leonora Carrington who had (has?) an amazing life. She was tied to the Surrealist movement. Eloped with Max Ernst and was rescued from a psychiatric institution by her aunt arriving on a submarine among other things that construct her life. I want to read everything she ever wrote!

Last night we had a huge thunderstorm. It was awful! My dog was very scared and today refuses to go outside. He jumped in bed with me and laid almost on top of me as he wanted to be close to me. My heart melted as it showed a complete trust and a strong bond between as. I don’t know how long he will be able not to do his “business” today though.  I am worried.

Expecting a shipment of wine from Willamette Valley winery. That’s a piece of exciting news. More wine is always good. More good wine is even better.

The smoke has subsided, although did not completely go away but I opened all the windows anyway. Felt too claustrophobic for a week. Can’t fall asleep with windows closed so I endured a week of insomnia.

Other than that, it is business as usual: walking, working, pizza, and wine for dinner.

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