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Today was a day when I did not do anything. I bailed out of the running yesterday because of a few rain sprinkles and a minor hurt in my knee. Deep in my soul I know I just bailed out because I got too lazy. Now I am waiting for my dog to want to go outside which he is not inclined to do. At times I feel that my life revolves around my dog and his walks with me.

Posted a share of political content on Facebook today and because I got so into it that without researching I reposted a message that turned out to be a hoax. One of the commenters pointed it out. Although she was pissed judging by her virtual demeanor I was gracious enough to thank her for pointing it out. The world is crazy and complicated right now and I feel powerless as there is nothing that I can do to resolve it except to vote. Just read an article in the Atlantic about possible Trump’s actions post-election. I am going to vote in person and urge everyone to do the same if possible. Meanwhile, the deaths from COVID are rising in my neck of the woods. It is nowhere near the Southern Belt death toll but nevertheless, it is steady. But enough about politics. There is a life outside of it in spite of craziness.

Went for a run today. I am still just on 3 miles as I had to start all over after a few months of not running due to the hotness of the weather and knee troubles. After running 10 miles every other day this feels like a disgrace. I must persevere through. Baby steps will get you far. My goal is to run a half-marathon (13.1). I doubt I can do a full one although it is still lingering on my bucket list. After the run, I drank a glass of wine in spite of the fact that it was only 1 pm. That’s what vacations are for. I am glad to have a week off work. Could not have come sooner. I was burned out. The other good news is that I still have 2 weeks of comp time to burn. Hello, long Christmas vacation! I only wish that I could travel but with my special needs beastie who rules my life I am afraid it is impossible. I burned the bridge with his other doggie mama by not babysitting her doggies when she needed it. I guess I am not a giver but a taker (sad but true, at least this is how I feel). A trip to Alaska in the snowy and cold winter would have cured my soul. I am a child of the North. And as much as I like living in Oregon, it is getting too hot. This summer we had a few weeks of 100F. And it is the end of September is here but 85F is coming next week. What am I going to do with all my winter clothes? I quit knitting because of that.

Well, I better finish my glass of wine. Maybe I will bake bread tonight for the sheer possibility that it will fill my house with an amazing smell of mindfulness.



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