There are only 3 days of 2020 left. Good riddance I say. However, despite being a horrific year for everyone I actually personally did not experience much hardship except for the fear of getting COVID. I am immunocompromised so that would be a piece of very bad news indeed. In many respects, COVID was made for me. I am a loner and for the most part completely fine with isolation although I welcome occasional human contact. I know it might be a shocking thing to say but as I said, on a personal level and I still recognize the atrocity of this disease and what it did to this country. I still mourn 300,000 some people who died needlessly just because of tump’s inactions and denial. I honestly do.

I am not the one to do reflective summaries of the year past so don’t expect this one to be such a thing. Additionally, I hate resolutions as well. They are absolutely dumb. If you want to so or change something in your life just do it. Just the fact that you made a resolution won’t help. In fact, I have read somewhere that most resolutions don’t come to fruition excuse being, “I still have the whole year to start.” The only thing I believe in is the Russian theory that how you celebrate New Year’s will dictate how your upcoming year will be. So, the house will be immaculately clean (CBD required for such action), my hair will be beautifully cut, my body will be squeaky clean, my dog will be by my side, my glass of wine perpetually full, and pizza in the oven. That’s enough for me.

I started running again. That’s good news as I am less cranky and less anxious when I run. The main recipient of crankiness is of course my doggo. Poor beastie: the leash is shortened and the hunting on a field only goes for half an hour instead of a usual one hour or more. He suffers. Before I started running again I had this irrational fear that the fire alarm in my bedroom will lose battery charge and start beeping. The reason being, it is installed on the vaulted ceiling and there is no way I can get to it, even with a high bar-chair. So, I concocted a plan of action in my head: if it goes off during the night I will close the door and sleep downstairs with my doggo and in the morning go to Costco to get a ladder and change the battery. I think about it every night before I pass out into much welcome sleep. I know it is ridiculous but at least it is not a fear of bears like my bestie has. So I am grateful that I have a tangible plan. Things are better when you have a plan and my being obsessive-compulsive makes me have a plan for everything. Stoics have nothing on me.

My hot dude of a neighbor disturbs my afternoons by watching TV which is heard in my apartment. I retaliate by watching Buffy in the evening. Take that, your hotness!

I just realized that none of the paragraphs are connected today. But I don’t mind if you don’t. Sometimes life has no connections between the events. At least none that human consciousness can determine. And that’s just life. Deal with it as you may.



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