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What to write when nothing is happening in your life (or at least nothing new).

I have 52 books stacked on my fireplace mantle, about 25 in one of the windows and that’s all in the living room. The bedroom is another story. Most of them I haven’t read (although I read every night) and I just got 50 more from one of my best friends and even more is coming. If apocalypse strikes these books will keep me busy for at least a few years. Always a silver lining.

My living room is small and only fits a couch, a chair and a TV which is not a TV but a screen for Netflix and Amazon which I am considering nixing because of the workers’ strike (http://observer.com/2018/07/amazon-prime-day-boycott-european-workers/). I have learned about the strike while at my friend’s house. I don’t read the news anymore and avoid politics like a plague. There is nothing I can do about the world going to shits except what I can do on a personal level. That, of course, is not going to make any difference anyway except bringing the personal satisfaction that you cared enough to take an action. Pretty gloom point of view. Someone once said that there is no good news anymore and I find it true. Occasionally I glance at headlines and it is all about Trump’s next idiocy, someone being killed, various disasters, sprinkled with some stupid things that happen to celebrities like “Nicole Kidman captures giant tarantula from the pool as kids scream in horror: ‘Get back, mom!.’ Verbatim. You’ve got to be kidding me!

At work, I have an amazing project coming up — developing for VR. I don’t even know where to start. I guess I should be setting up the OculusRift first which is sitting in a box in my office. I think I am a bit afraid that I won’t be able to learn which is funny as I deal and teach technology for the living. Why all of the sudden the lack of confidence is not clear. Acquiring a new skill is exciting though, no matter how scared you are. Doing some research about as Tarot Cards would say is in a near future.

I am thinking of moving. My lease is up. There is one place that is right across the road from me where I would not mind living at all, but with my luck, it is probably already taken. Left a message with the leasing office. What are the chances they will call back? Moving would be exciting! It’s a change without being a big change. The place I want is a two story townhouse with a garage. It is only $100 more than I am paying for my current apartment with is  700 sq. ft. and much older. I decided that if the townhouse does not work out though I will stay in my apartment for one more year. Not sure why I am writing about this. I guess I really am out of things to say.

I wish I can eloquently express myself on the state of the world affairs and current political affairs, but I banned news from my reading lists and I hate politics. Yes, I am ignorant but sleep better. So what’s left is the meaningless drivel about apartments and what my dog eats for dinner which is beside kibble whatever I am having. Most days it is pizza.


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