Things that I value the most:

  • Fruit in my kitchen basket
  • Washing dishes by hand
  • Walking my beastie in fine weather
  • Running
  • My beastie jumping in my bed in the morning to cuddle
  • Morning coffee
  • A glass of cold water on a hot day
  • Reading before falling asleep
  • No rain
  • Watching real DVDs in the evening (old school)
  • A glass of fine wine (or not so fine wine, basically any wine)
  • Meeting with friends
  • Firepit with the fire
  • Doing art
  • Making fine marks with a marker
  • Making lists
  • Hot showers after a long run
  • Weirdly enough answering emails in a prompt fashion
  • The ocean
  • The trees
  • Pizza

I am sure there is more but these are just the immediate ones that come to mind to fill 20 lines. Yep, still trying to write 20 lines a week.


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