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Down day today. Covid is getting to me finally. I was ok with that for the most part because I am a loner by nature and totally OK without human interactions but as we move through I found that I missed physical contact. I am a hugger. I need to hug people. It is one of the ways to develop closeness. And there is none of this right now. I think when I get my vaccine (up to the second dose) I would be walking to random people and hugging them just because. I probably would be labeled as a weirdo but I can live with it. So, ya, I am waiting for the hug galore.

Otherwise, it is all business as usual. Walk the dog, work, watch the British Baking Show or How I Met Your Mother, and then go to sleep. I got so used to spending 24/7 with my dog that it feels lonely on rare occasions to drive to a store without him. My bestie imprinted on me significantly more since this pandemic. I don’t know what I will do if I have to return to the office. I think it is me who would have separation anxiety and not my doggo. The doggo will probably be good with his alone time secretly drinking margaritas.

I got my vaccine scheduled for tomorrow. First shot. But of course, I went to the Internets and read through everything I could find on the vaccine. And of course, I saw a couple of articles about people who did not respond well to the vaccine and died. Now I have lost some sleep. It’s inevitable — the imagined horror. I had the same fear when I had to be put down for my wrist surgery. The nurse that was attending to me had to trick me into thinking they were giving me Ativan to relax. In reality, they just put me down. It was the best sleep I have gotten in years!

In any case, hopefully, I don’t get too sick from the first shot. But if I do I have been told it only lasts 1 day. I can live with that. So, I hope all of you are scheduling, getting, recovering from the goodness of freedom because this is what I think about the vaccine. For me, it’s the freedom to hug, to see my friends inside, and being close to them. It’s time.




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