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So, I got a lot of positive comments on Facebook for my writing. One comment even said that I should write a book… I am not sure that I can write a book but maybe start with a short story. Here is the beginning of one:

“So, let us start the story of the protagonist’s life who is called John from the moment that he was three years old as it is an approximate age when we start remembering things about our lives. The very first memory from his adolescent life was of a black man bending over to give him a tulip on his daily walk with his mother. Yes, the encounter with a black man was pretty rare in Soviet Russia. However, there were a number of Universities that were working with a number of countries from the African continent so this is what happened to John: he encountered a student from the University of the city Krasnodar, a town where John spent his adolescent years.

It is worth mentioning that John was not really from Krasnodar but rather from nowhere. He was born in an airplane (his poor mother) above the Republic of Belorussia although no one really knows precise coordinates. So, he truly was from nowhere. This was the start of John being an inbetweener although he did not know it then. Anchors are good for human beings and we crave them for the sole reason of telling someone where we are from in a casual conversation as it is usually the second question in new conversations. The first question is usually about what it is we do. That was not the case with him and at some point, he made peace with that and considered it as a one-up over ordinary people.”

I hope it develops further but will require a certain degree of perseverance as we get stuck sometimes in the middle of going nowhere.


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