I have not written in a while. Got too busy and my mind was stuck on performance at work rather than my personal interests. I hate when this happens when work eats all of your energy and mental capacity. When you come home so exhausted that doing anything but going on a walk with the Piglet or watching Netflix is all you can handle.

I am so glad I have the outside! And it is beautiful. Finally, Summer is here, and it is not too hot yet. Everything is either blooming or getting ready to do so. As much as Winter is my favorite season and Spring is always unbearable, I do like Summers if only because it gives me outdoors which I can explore for hours on end without thinking about rain that can start at any minute.

Summers in Oregon are lovely. Not as wonderful and intense as in Alaska, but still lovely. They are more luscious in vegetation, and of course, there is the ocean to keep you cool on boiling days. There is a particularly great spot that I like to go to because there is never too many people. It’s is called Bayocean because on that skinny peninsula you get the bay on one side and the Pacific ocean on the other. It takes about 7 to 8 miles to complete which is the perfect length to tire out my perpetually moving piglet of a dog. This long weekend, however, does not hold an opportunity to visit that spot as I did a number on my foot last weekend and for a week all I can manage is an hour of slow walking before it starts being unbearably painful. So, I am sticking to the neighborhood and some urban hiking.

One positive thing about the suburbs in Oregon (or at least the California cleave I reside in) is that they are extremely walkable. The sidewalks are so clean and well kept that they look like they were washed with shampoo the night before and they last for miles. There is one especially lovely path that I like to hike called Rock Creek. It makes me happy because it is populated with playgrounds and there is a visible diversity of people who reside in nearby houses. Otherwise, Portland is mainly white. That is where I will go.

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