I have an urge to make stuffed peppers. It is not often that I crave a particular food but yet here it is — the craving out of the blue. I never cooked stuffed peppers before but found a good recipe to try out. I imagine it would be like my borsch which demanded a lot of practice. It took me about 5 tries to get it right where I wanted it and make it more authentic to me.

The cooking news aside, today is a glorious day weather-wise. 74F. Just the perfect temperature with a light breeze. A big improvement since a couple of days ago when it was 84F. It’s only April so it is flabbergasting as to why the temperature elevated that high. Something tells me that this Summer is going to be a scorcher. Not looking forward to it. But who does? Bye-bye running in the afternoon to break the monotony of work and acquire an ounce of happiness with working out whatever is on my mind. Bye-bye, the only alone time I have from my doggo. Bye-bye much needed endorphins.

That notwithstanding, the day is as good as any day because it followed my routine. In this time of COVID I got rather used to my routine: walk the doggo, work, walk the doggo, dine, watch a mindless show on Netflix to relax my mind. A glass of wine or two to follow. Read before bed. Currently, I am reading a book that has been given to me by my bestie – Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. It is fascinating! Did you know that whoever lives in the sea and whoever flies sleeps only with one part of the brain periodically switching back and forth? Yes, fascinating! The book is full of this kind of facts and goes pretty deep into explaining how we sleep. However, it does not really give a definitive answer as to Why exactly… Apparently, no one knows for sure. I am enjoying the book very much in spite of the fact that I don’t usually read non-fiction.

I am quitting vaping for the sole fact that it is just too expensive. The price went up from $16 to $24 last month and I cannot simply afford it. Do these companies want people to quit because it just too much money? The reason why I started vaping again is that I broke down and started smoking cigarettes again so I had to retrace my steps to quitting which started with vaping and progressed into nicotine gum. The next step would have been to progress into quitting altogether. However, I recently listened to a podcast with an interview of an accomplished physician who was talking about the benefits of nicotine for our health (including brain-related diseases such as dementia) and who stated that he now chews Nicorette gum to get a dose of it. That strucked the cord and now I am thinking that quitting the gum is altogether undesirable. Great excuse to continue with my nicotine habit.

Oh, ya… and I ate an avocado today. Now I am healthy, right?!

Well, that’s it for today. My doggo is nudging me toward the door to go on a walk. Until the next time.


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