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the last day of 2018. I don’t have good news. I am typing with one hand. reason being I broke my wrist on the Christmas eve. Was trying the hoverboard that was a gift for one of my friend’s children. I owned it once I was on it. Did the spins and all, just happened to jump the wrong way off of it. Now I am a one-handed person. It sucks. But it could be worse. It always could be worse of course. It is my left wrist. The only thing that is bad about it is that I drive with the left hand. So I have to re-educate myself on how to drive. Seeing how I pride myself in being self-sufficient I don’t have any other choice.

Being one-handed is a pain, but there are beautiful things that came out of it. I am a survivor so I am good of figuring out how to do things in a crisis. The best thing that came out of it is taking a bath instead of a shower. Taking shower with the cast on is too much of the pain of the ass and is almost impossible. So I figured the bath would be better. And it was. I have not taken a bath in 20 years. I am 6 feet 1 inch tall. I don’t really fit in baths. But I did not have a choice, so I got in. It was the best thing since the sliced bread. I got the baubles with ginger ad mud (go figure) and suspended my ass in it. Oh, divinity! The best 30 minutes of soaking was the best thing that happened to me in a while. I did not have candles but will have to purchase some. I also need to figure out a book stand and where to put my glass of wine. All in time.

All in all. after one week of being a dirty person, I found a way to come back to the state of clean. in my book, it is a great achievement for a one-handed person.

2018 has only a few hours left and I am trying to make peace with all the misfortunes it brought me… Sprained ligament and then a broken wrist… It is like whatever is out where does not want me to stay fit and healthy. Can’t run or do pilates anymore, so I am super bitchy and cranky. The meds help but not as much as running does. Hopefully, I won’t go into a manic stage. No matter… Survival first… It is also a safe bet to say that I am not quitting smoking yet. There is nothing better than a cig while on Vicodin. I chain smoke.

I find out if I need surgery on the 2nd. Will keep this blog posted.

I still can walk which I do for hours. I did change my bedding using my teeth in addition to the good arm. That was quite an achievement and quite comical. Beyond that, I cannot do that much but I am OK with that. Two months of junk food is another bonus. I will be fat and happy!


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