Today was not my day. It was a shitty day. The kind of a day where you try to put pants on and fall over. Everything felt and went wrong from the moment I woke up. I overslept. And this is a lot to say since this was Sunday. Usually, I love to sleep, especially now that I I have moved into a townhouse from my little apartment and now my bedroom is the side of my previous apartment. I love it! So much air! But let us continue on. In spite of this being a weekend I would like to wake up at 8, 8:30, maybe even 9, but not 10:30. Yes, I woke up at 10:30 and everything was hurting because I slept too much. It’s a special kind of hurt and can only happen when you sleep too much. It is hard to describe this particular hurt. It is as if your whole body is screaming, “You slept on the wrong side of your body and abused your mattress.” Anyhow, it then became the time to walk the dog. I drove to the public library park which is quite lovely but halfway through I realized I left the garage door open. Yes, the townhouse came with a garage. It is such an alien thing (I have never in my life had a garage with a remote) that I am still getting used to clicking the button twice: ones to open and ones to close. So I had to turn back only to find out that I actually did click the button twice. Moving right along. By that time it was already 11:30 and I felt like I have lost the day with this slow start. After walking my beastie in the park by the aforementioned public library I drove home with the thought that I might finish settling into my new house which entailed the last task of putting up a coat hanger in the garage because the one in the entryway only has three nubs. Who can function with such a low number of hooks? Not me, for sure. As I leveled and marked the screw points on the wall I proceeded to screw in drywall anchors only to find out that one of them hit the supporting post and it broke… WTF. Needless to say, I had to redo it. Thank god I had a spare one. Having this spare was the highlight of the day, not to mention the most positive thing of the day. By that time it was almost 2 and the rain was still drizzling the streets and doing such validated my laziness and refusal to run (I planned to do 9 miles). I told myself it is Sunday and I have run 8 milers three days in a row. Bad decision as without running I become a bitch from hell. My poor dog… Who by this time decided that if I am home we have to do fun things. It’s 2 and it is way to early for an evening walk but I decide to do it anyway. The walk ended up being a three-hour walk because I did not want to have to walk him again later (selfish me). Besides, I told myself since I did not run I have to do this crazy thing. Now I have blisters on the bottom of my feet from walking too much in wet pavement and grass. Between these happenings, I have dropped everything my hands touched and the only reason that the red wine did not end up being spilled on the carpet is that I knew this was not my day and was extra careful with it. Anyhow, the beast who finally figured out the whole “upstairs-downstairs” thing and the fact that my bed is upstairs is now sleeping soundly in my bed leaving me a sliver of the room in bed. At least it’s on my side of the bed (funny how we always pick a side to sleep on). Mine is on the right and I am proud of it. So much for a dog-free space though. In conclusion, I am on my third glass of wine and panning to have more. Here is to shitty days!

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