For the past several days I’ve been fighting with a spider in my apartment that weaves his net at my head level on the balcony door. Every day I free my door from the intricate work of the spider and every day he restores it to its former glory. I am afraid it’s a losing battle.

Outside of my apartment, I have been fighting (in my head) with a guy who comes to smoke on the sidewalk in front of my house. That’s fine. I am a former smoker and partook in the same activity in the same spot many times myself. However, apparently, just smoking is not enough for this guy. He whistles between the inhales. Constantly. I am timing him. 5 seconds in between inhaling and him breaking out into a whistling tirade. Who does that? Not only is it annoying it’s bizarre. In Russia, we have an urban tale that states that if you whistle inside the house you will squander all your money. I wonder if that applies to outside as well. Not that I wish him that consequence I just want him to stop invading my space with his vocal performances.

On my dog walks, I am fighting with an urge to slap people who do not observe physical distancing. I understand that people are tired of COVID and the restrictions it imposes on our lives. I am tired too. However, should not all of us still do our part? After all, the cases in Washington county where I live are still rising but what’s even more disconcerting so are deaths. We went from 32 cases to 70 in a span of one month. Granted, it is nothing compared to many states but still, people are dying and people don’t care. Lethal combination.

On my runs, I am fighting with my legs that seem to quit working after a few miles. They just go on strike and I have to use all of my will and determination to make them go. Who do they think they are? And more importantly, why did they just starting fancying that they are in control? So, yes, it makes my runs more difficult. But at least my lungs are doing their job because usually that it is the lungs that go on strike. But mine decided that good work is good for them. Suspicious since I am still vaping to fill them with oh so sweet nicotine. Go figure. It is not like I can ask them, “What’s up?”

That’s about all the fighting I can currently handle in my life. A glass of good wine helps to cope. And baking bread of course. So here is to stocking up on red-colored alcohol and a freezer full of bread!


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