Walking in the fog is like taking a bath followed by a cup of warm milk — pure fuzzy comfort. Things almost unrecognizable disguised by the semi-transparent shimmering dust. Even cacophony of cars seems to reduce itself into a gentler murmur instead. The mystery of alleys and buildings dissolve as you approach which almost takes you by surprise and a little disappointment as you wish for some of the mystery remain in this alternate reality.

Needless to say, I love walking in the fog. Today is such a morning. Getting out of bed is another story.

On a different note. Due to Christmas vacation, I find myself with a lot of time on my hands and have gone metaphysical. Thinking a lot of the shape of my life and all the happy shiny people on Instagram. Comparing is a natural progression of course. Never a good thing. One of my closest friends (due to an influence of Nietzsche) said that living life is a form of art. You can either create a lousy abstract by a student who is still learning or a decent Pollock. In either case, you need paint (metaphysically speaking purpose and meaning). It is easier for people with kids and family to find the meaning. It is in their children and relatives, soccer, school, other extra-curricular activities. Bu us, single people have a harder time. Or maybe it’s just me.

I spend 80 percent of my time alone with my pup. As much as I love it, I mostly live in my head and so out of practice with small talk and social interactions that I dread them. Nevertheless, I make an effort and one of my New Years resolutions is to make even more effort in spite of discomfort that comes with it. You need people, I need people, everyone needs people. And I am just now realizing just how much.

Four more lines left, and I am not quite sure how to fill them. I hurt my foot recently while running 7 miles. It felt great, so I kept running after mile 6 in spite of the pain. Now I am a broken, grampy, limping fool who never learns. I deserve it wholeheartedly. Ice is my best friend but being static that comes with the relief of the pain is not. Well, it is a lesson in patience.

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