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I am going to try and make this post about positive things of which there is some number there.

  1. I am running and faster than I previously (a year and a half ago did). I am clocking miles under 10 minutes regardless of the distance. That tells me that I am strong (from core building exercises) and have some endurance. I don’t have a goal in mind as far as where all this running goes except I would like to run 26 miles a week which I think is doable. To start running was difficult especially when I still smoke (and I have no idea how I can run and still smoke). I guess quitting smoking all together could be a goal.
  2. I am reading all the books that I had on my bedside table. There were 6, and I am almost finished with the 4th which is “The Crossing” by Cormac Maccarthy. Amazingly beautiful prose although somewhat gloomy subject. I have read “All the Pretty Horses” last year and “The Crossing” is the second book in “The Border Trilogy.” I think I am going to put off the last book of the series, “Cities of the Plane,” until the summer. The language is amazing, and I am a fan of minimalism. There are so many passages that are breathtaking! I might have to include one of them to this post when I get home. I also finished “The Thorn Birds” (which I did not particularly like) and a Bosch novel by Michael Connely incidentally also called “The Crossing. I got in at the airport on my way back to Portland from Alaska recently. It was not particularly good but the plot kept you turning pages which made it a perfect airplane read.
  3. Since I am reading at least an hour or two before falling asleep I started going to bed early (around 9 pm) which makes me wake up earlier and cuts my binge-watching of Netflix considerable. Therefore, I think, my brain receives better food and hopefully eventually will fuel more intelligence.

In spite all of these positive changes I still have a hard time feeling good about myself. I have no idea why. Maybe that’s a question better asked on a therapy couch somewhere with a shrink in the room. Who knows. I still am going and sticking with this new found routine. Let us see how long it will last.

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