I’ve been filling up my jazz collection. the latest addition was John Coltraine. The greatest sax player ever. No Kenny G and easy listening here. I generally collect the Blue Note series but Coltraine’s album is seminal so I could not pass it up in spite of it is being from the Columbia Records series. My collection is growing and soon I would need an individual bookcase just for the records. I love vinyl. Love the feel, love the smell, love the grooves, love the fact that a needle can produce the magic of the sound. I have old-school speakers and a subwoofer that takes a lot of space but is so worth it because the sound is exceptional. Fuck the digital speakers. Nothing compares to a real setup.

Started another drawing but somehow got lazy on rendering it so it just sits there waiting for me to get my motivation back up. I don’t particularly love this piece so maybe that’s why.

On a completely unrelated note, I have been gaining tons of weight. And I mean double digits. The problem with that is that my back starting acting up once I pass a certain amount. Well, I have passed a certain amount and at this point, so it is back to Aleve after I wake up every morning. This is what not running 10 miles three times a week does to you. But I don’t seem to be able to get back into the routine of running recently. I think a lot of it has to do with rain and doing art in the middle of the day as when I am motivated to draw I don’t want any distractions. Priorities. Creating art that lives under the couch vs. running for health benefits. You choose.

The weather has been sucky. It’s true. It has been raining almost every day… I am sick of the rain and not only because I don’t run in the rain (I refuse to get wet) but also because the skies are gray and crying. All that water… I could cry myself in this weather. Here comes the wine to the rescue. And, of course, stupid shows on Amazon and Netflix. Every evening I kill a lot of brain cells. Every evening I ask myself why I am spending hours that I cannot get back on stupidity. There is no direct answer except that in the evening I don’t want to think about important stuff. I just want to veg and hibernate without my brain working. It works on the overdrive during the day enough.

In any case, I am not sure how to close this post so I am just going to lift my glass of wine to the wrong priorities and switching off brainpower. It is what it is.

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