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Rainy-rainy Portland. Not much to do about wetness. We have been scheduling social events with my friends around the rain schedule. Works. Except it gets cold after 5 pm so we are all like cabbages with many many layers of clothing to keep us warm. Worth it though as I am starved for an adult human interaction after spending all my time with my dog. Interactions at work do not count. Work really does not count for anything except money. Sad to say but I have been doing it for so long that I am bored at the moment as it is has been all the same for many years: faculty are resistant to use technology and of an opinion that their courses cannot be converted into an online format. Same song and dance from me trying to prove them wrong. Thank god for COVID because they were forced to convert their courses into an online format but still have a gripe. Whatever, I say. I truly want out of academia… I am not an academic myself and truly do not have a desire to be one.

Life in isolation continues as it has been for a year. Every day is almost verbatim as the previous one. I am gutted with a little depression that has been creeping in for a few weeks now. On the one hand, I love being isolated, on the other, I am starting to hate the routine of isolation. I think it mainly happens because I cannot get out and hike in nature as there are so many people doing the same that it is not enjoyable to pass the unmasked people on the trail every few minutes as Opee and I go fast. The other bummer is that I cannot go to the Trillium trail in Mt. Hood because my car won’t make it there. I want some snow. I want skies and snowshoes. Opee wants it too.

But I started cooking again. My borsch has been perfected and it is so tasty it is out of this world. I crave it now once the soup bowl is empty. I am immensely proud of that. Planning to share it at one of the gatherings with dear friends. The only hurdle being it is hard to eat soup outside around the fire pit.

Reading “The Hydrogen Sonata” — a space saga by Iain M. Banks and English sci-fi author. The guy is brilliant in depicting the futuristic worlds. I cannot imagine having the same imagination myself. I have been entertaining the idea of maybe write a short story and possibly a full-length book about my life with a fictional character but it is yet to come to fruition mostly because of the insecurities I have about writing. This blog helps of course. But these are just short snippets of my life. Do I deserve anything lengthy?

Anyhow, life continues in whatever form it is now and it will continue afterward in spite of the insomnia I have had for the past month. Insomnia is good in one respect — it keeps you thinking. And I’ll take thinking any time of the day.

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