It’s November — my least favorite part of Fall. The trees have lost almost all leaves and whatever is left on their branches turned into brownish dirty orange. I always get depressed in November and April as they are dirty transitions into a new season. November is full of dull colors and April of mud.

I don’t have the motivation to do anything during these months and running becomes full of effort that seems unsurmountable. It’s awful because it is precisely when I should be running and boosting my endorphins. But I can’t.

The work also is not busy. Today I was writing emails to myself to look busy and have an excuse not to participate in water cooler festivities.  In November I like to be left alone. I hibernate and drink copious amounts of wine which I really should not as it makes depression even worst. Maybe it is also a lack of sun. Maybe.

The funk is here to stay all the way through December and with it my life is on pause.


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