Winter is definitely here. This morning we had a first frost. It was marvelous. I wonder if the temperature continues to decrease we will get some snow. That’s the most exciting news of this week.

My world is still pretty small. One of the positive things that are happening is that I am getting closer to completing my Masters. After this semester only three classes left. I hope to finish by the end of the Summer. It all goes much better once you see the end of the tunnel. And mine is shining brightly and is within reach. Other than that there is not much to say. I keep reading the books I had started that were on my night table forever. Currently at is John Banville’s “The Untouchable.” The book is about Soviet spies and British socialists and double agents in Britain on the brink of the World War II and a bit during the war. I love this book, and Banville is a cross between (according to critics) a cross between Le’Carre and Joyce. I have not read much Joyce so I cannot say, but I’ve read a lot of LeCarre’s and have to say that the comparison is valid. While reading “The Untouchable” I have to keep a dictionary by me as there are a lot of words that I don’t know the meaning and often cannot guess even in context. And of course, as soon as I look up the word I forget it entirely because my memory is shit which is insanely irritating as it makes me feel stupid. But in any case, I forge one and enjoy my little “reading before bedtimes.”

At work, I have been assigned 3-D printers and Virtual Reality projects which is awesome. The aggravating thing though is that I proposed these projects last year but of course my boss dismissed them entirely. However, now that other people doing them all of the sudden we are doing them as well. Needless to say, I dislike my boss a lot but at the moment have no other prospects of employment so I have to stay put. “Dislike” is too weak of the word to describe my true feelings towards him but this is a public blog and I am keeping things civil.

On that ranty note, I will conclude my unexcited 20 lines for today.


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