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The bread experiments continue. Partially because I need to keep myself busy without the computer; partially because I am in love with bread making. Tonight I made two batches. Identical except for the yeast. One batch has a quick-rising, the other has regular yeast. I plan to refrigerate both and see what difference arises (pun not intended). Breadmaking is very much like lovemaking. You have to experiment to see what works and hits the spot.

Parallel to breadmaking, there is also wine-tasting going on. I have graduated from $10 bottles of wine, not that there is anything wrong with $10 bottles of wine. The big difference is that you can drink a $10 bottle of wine like water but savor every sip of more expensive varieties if only because they do hit your pocket. Developing the wine pallet is very much like bread-making which is very much like love-making. So, by logic, both end up with love.

Meanwhile, Opee is very much wondering about activities that are taking place in the kitchen which is his sweet spot. So he is watching my every move intently, and you can see the disappointment on his sweet face when there are no crumbs that fall to the floor to be picked up by his colorful (because he is part chow-chow) tongue.

So, all is right with the universe in the apartment 1731. There are no disturbances except for an occasional swearing when the dough gets too stiff and the sound of GOT which I am re-watching in anticipation of season 7 coming out in July. No neighbors knocking on the door with requests to tone down the debauchery, no fire trucks to put out the fire in the oven. Life is even, and slow, and full of little actions that make life enjoyable for me. And that is the key, I suppose, to take small actions, do little things that you love to live to the fullest.


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