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Holly smokes, literally. I woke up to a snowfall of ash. The car was covered. Even with the sun behind the ominous orange-gray haze, the temperature is still claiming. What a horrible summer we have. Things are burning everywhere, hurricanes one after another. I hate to complain about the weather, but right now it’s the most worry that I have. Could be worst, I could stress about work where things are out of my control or the meaning of life.

Today, running is on hold because of the air quality. I might run after work in the gym if I find motivation. I am usually in a catatonic state after 5 pm.  I hate being behind schedule in the running because once you start skipping it’s all down the slippery slope of nothing.

I started school last week. I am taking one class. After this semester only two will be left. All of the sudden I am almost at the finish line. I will never go to school again once I finish my Masters. It’s been a frustrating and long experience not because of the program but because holding a full-time job that is demanding and teaching in addition to that does not leave you much time for much less than completing assignments for school.

I think it’s time to bake bread again seeing how most of this post is about complains. The smell of yeast is the smell of zen and kneading the dough is like taking a nice long bath with candles.

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