Not much to post today. As I walked today I told every dog owner we passed by that their dog is cute. I think I made their day just as mine would be made if someone told me my dog is cute. Which of course he is. I would even go further and say he is beautiful. Which he is. He is most unusual looking and we get people to stop by us every time asking me about his breed. I take especial pleasure telling them he is a mystery mutt. Really, people! Does the breed really matter?

The weather is beautiful as of late and I cannot be thankful enough that it is not raining. I can run! I am getting into my running schedule slowly as I am at this point completely out of shape and gained 20 pounds since COVID hit and I quit running. It could be consequences of upping my dose of medication I am currently on as it states on their website that weight gain is expected depending on the dose. For completely shallow reasons I am going to reduce the dose in spite of my mental health well-beaing. We will see what happens. I don’t feel good when I am heavy and my back always lets me know when I crossed the pain-free threshold.

Art is going. Slowly but advancing. The doggo does not let me work on it for the time I want to put into it. He drives me insane as every day when it strikes 2 pm he is nudging me out of the door and there is nothing I can do to stop him aside from other than screaming at him with the lung-full air. Those pipes still work in spite of exercise-induced asthma (at least this is what I think I have). No doctor was able to say what’s wrong with me at this point so I diagnosed me.

Anyhow, day drinking commences today because it is a hump day and because I am not working and because my dog drives me nuts and because I lowered my meds and because I feel like it and do not feel guilty in iota. I wish I can deal with life better than just consuming copious amounts of alcohol but it is not in the picture right now. What I am looking forward to is the late evening when I watch Stargate SG-1, lose brain cells, and drink more alcohol. That is a good and achievable goal for me right now. I am good with achievable.

1 thought on “3.10.21

  1. i don’t know if i would say Opee is ‘cute’. i would say ‘handsome’. we have missed you at the field. super muddy. i do get my two to play in that pond area to wash off and then i leash them up. they love to dig so much and get so muddy. saturday was like a crowded dog park – brady, mia, abby, milo, baloo, bones, a big great dane and his two lab friends, petra, riley, a belgian malonois and his doberman friend, and another black dog that i can’t think of her name. anyway, it was a busy day.
    i shared two copies of ‘cooks illustrated’ with larry. his thai niece is teaching him thai cooking and he is teaching her american cooking. they are having a good time. are you still baking?

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