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The heat wave continues.

I started running again using my lunch breaks.

I still walk my dog 5 miles additional to running.

Will it get me in shape?

I wonder about Alaska and should I move back there.

I experienced an out of Oregon weird happening not long time ago. All of the sudden on my walk I thought I was hiking in Alaska and I even smelled the Fall and the discarded by trees leaves. Left me earning.

Work is busy and I love it. I need to be busy constantly helping people. Otherwise, what is the point, there is no fulfillment when you are not helping people. At the moment things are in the right place job-wise. I have to remember that.

I am beta-reading a novel written by a friend. Although it has way too many adjectives I am engrossed in a story thoroughly and looking forward to every chapter at night.

Otherwise, life is actually good. The running makes me happy. I back bread when I need to feel grounded. I have great friends with whom I always have laughter accompanied by a good glass of wine (or two or three). I started school again. Three more classes and then comps and I will have my M.Ed degree. That should count for something. There are options for PhD if I so desire (which I don’t at the moment, but who knows). I hate the heat but I know that once the rainy season starts I will recollect this summer’s hot sun fondly. I feel lucky for the first time in a long time. I like that sensation of feeling content with what you got and feeling lucky that you have it. It’s a bit new, but I hope it is here to stay.

Over and out.




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