dog and I

It is Wednesday. The hump day. I hate the hump day as it is still far away from the weekend. I always lose my steam on that day and get a mid-week blues. I love Thursday. Thursday is close to Friday, and I seem to get my steam back. I don’t know why it happens, but it happens. In general, though weeks are flying by. I cannot believe it is almost mid-August. Summer seems just have started, and all the plans to do all the beautiful things in the Summer are still not realized. I either have to get my game on or just quit altogether.

This Summer has been hot and miserable. I tried to spend as much time outside as possible which is hard to do when the weather is in triple digits. Still, I managed to stick to about 7 miles a day. Walking in this heat does the number on your muscles. They regularly cramp no matter how much water I drink.

Trying to stick to a writing schedule has been problematic as well as I am so wiped out after work and walking Opee that thoughts are melting in my head. I can grasp a beginning, but by the time I finish a sentence, they are gone into oblivion.
It does not seem like today is a positive day. Some days are like that. You try to stay positive, but it requires so much work on my part that I simply give in into hazy laziness. Then I feel guilty for not sticking to the schedule, but I figured as long as I write something sometimes, I am still ahead of the game as opposed to giving up altogether.

And so, I am just letting this day to float in the sea of negativity and hope that tomorrow will be better. That is all you can do, really. The alternative is just darkness.

I also have been working on some drawings. They are coming out weird. There is definitely a narrative involved, but I am not sure of all the pieces and how they connect to each other. For the first time in the while (maybe ever) I am starting with no definite idea in mind and just let them happen as they happen. No self-editing or thinking about possible audience experience. Just me, magic markers and lines and curves that join together to form the narrative.
And so it is what it is at the moment. A mixed bag of projects and daily life. Really, not a bad existence. I keep forging on.


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