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End of June already. It is crazy how time flies. This summer did turn out to be a scorcher. Today it is 115F. Yesterday it was 113F. According to the news, we are the hottest city than 99.8 % of Earth. Our temperature is only beaten by the African Sahara desert, Persian Gulf, and some deserts in California. A friend sent me a screenshot with this information and since I ran out of space for pictures I cannot include it here. But believe me, it’s real.

Thank god I have an air conditioner which I inherited from good friends but thought I could not install because my balcony door opens sideways. However, I got my tent tarp and covered the portions of the opening above the conditioner. It’s super ugly and I cannot look at it as it gives me shakes. I am obsessive-compulsive about my house and any esthetically not pleasing elements drive me nuts but it has been a life savior. I don’t have an air conditioner upstairs in my bedroom and it is so hot it is hard to breathe so is outside. I cannot imagine how I would have survived without it. I cannot imagine how my dog would have survived without it. I have to take my dog out at least two times a day and it is painful for me and for him. However, he is used to a 2-hours walk and was pressing on this morning at 100F. I had to save him from himself in spite of the fact that he was resisting.

Anyhow, there is no second note, no second thought except for the fear of going outside again for the second walk. Of course, it will happen at 4 pm, the highest peak of the heat. Hopefully, we won’t be outside for long. Tomorrow it is supposed to be cooler. Balmy 98F. Practically time for a sweater. I am seriously considering moving back to Alaska. If only I was independently wealthy. I would be gone, bought a cabin with no water and an outhouse, and went back to basics. I miss the basics. It makes you acquire the purpose that you don’t have here living in the city. The strange thing is that you get so much extra time with all the amenities that you know what to do with it. I read and draw trying to keep myself busy in the unbusy times. Hence I walk my dog a lot.

I recently (speaking of dogs) received and shared a post from Streed Dog Rescue from which I adopted Opee. It all happened because I shared their post about a dog in need of a home. However, when I went to their site and looked at the adoption fee it was $600. Really? Do you think that fee would get him adopted to possibly good parents? Are you shooting for upper-class adopters? If so you are in dire straits. But maybe there is something I don’t know… People that are willing to pay that price will probably go to a breeder for a  pure bread dog instead of adopting a stray. I adopted my doggo from them and it was only $300 which I could do. I am lower middle class and I truly fell in love with my doggo, so I was willing to pay it but in reality, I wondered who they cater to with those prices… I am a bit livid about it. But there is nothing I can do. I wrote them an email asking to drop their prices for adoptions but they never wrote back. I can only assume that these doggos get adopted anyway by the upper-class good-doers. Which is fine as long as they do find a home.

Enough said about that. I really cannot continue the gripe. And that brings me to more than 20 lines so I am going to end it here. Dinner is coming.


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