geese flying

Well, 2020 is here. Next decade in progress. Big expectations?

I don’t like to set goals for new years. You should not have to wait until new years eve to set them. They should be a part of your normal life. If I do set a goal it is only one. This way it is actually achievable. For me anyway.

I just started working again. Vacation is over. I had two weeks to frolic around and spend all my free time with my dog. It is amazing the positive changes you see in your pets once you don’t have to leave them at home alone. Mine became more trusting, cuddly, and a good listener. Now that I am back at work I miss him terribly. I am sure he misses me too or so I hope.

There is no one on campus. The start of the new year is always slow. Mindnumbing and boring. Thus I am writing here.

I am burned out on what I do at work. I can continue staying here and be bored for the rest of my life or I have to change jobs and do something different.  I have to admit I would like to wake up and actually want to go to work. After all, we spend most of our lives at work. The other option would be to win a lottery but you have to buy tickets so you can have a chance (as if) and fantasize about what you actually be doing with the money. I don’t think for me there would be a lot of change except maybe buying a house and starting a foundation for young artists at the beginning of their careers. Maybe owning a coffee shop. My dog certainly would be happier. And so would I.

Wishes for 2020? Health and prosperity. If you have both, life is good. If only one is present it sucks as you are limited in your endeavors. So this is what I want and wish it to everyone.

Alright, it’s time to go home, have a glass of wine and and make my dog happy with a long walk.


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