I love lists!

Today tasks are easy:

ditch work
walk the dog
change oil in the car (it has been a year)
walk the dog again
wine and dine

Some days are more exciting than others.  Over the holidays are actually went to all the parties on the schedule. It was great fun (except for driving 10 mi to and fro).

I used to give myself an exciting task almost every day like bake something naked, don’t speak all day, write your will, post I love you on every tree in an alley, etc. I got the idea from the book called “This book will change your life.” I have also a published task in the 2nd edition of the book for creating a page with an illustration for “bake something naked” task. Yes, I am a published author. I also shared how I completed the task and how it affected my day to my friends. I think maybe it is time to pick it up again. Maybe today I will be looking out for the paranormal. And tomorrow to write a message for the future. I actually came across a premonition followed by a ghost appearance while half asleep a long time ago. Oddly enough the premonition became true and the ghost turned out to be one of the future boyfriends much later in life. Needless to say, the relationship wasn’t the best. But more on that later.




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