It’s December and I cannot believe it is here already. The Christmas decorations are everywhere on the streets of Hillsboro. The inflated Santas greet us when we walk neighborhoods. I am a person who installs the Christmas tree and decorates it the night before Christmas. It is a leftover tradition of living in the Soviet Union where instead of Christmas of course was only a New Year and in my family, the magical tree with the presents graced our little apartment on the day before New Years’ eve. It was a miraculous event filled with anticipation and always worth the wait.

I love winter because of the Holidays and I hate winter because of the Holidays. On the one hand, they make me giddy like I am a child again. On the other hand, they fill me with depression because of herds of people full of angst and anxiety trying to purchase presents and of course the Christmas music in the stores which starts the day after Thanksgiving. Here it is genuinely a consumer Holiday. In my opinion, it should have limitations of one present per person just like toilet paper supply in the time of COVID. Don’t you think it would make Christmas more compelling?

Anyhow, the Holiday season is here take it or leave it. The time off of work is coming which is another high point of it. I would love not to have to work no matter how good is the job that I have. Some people say they would be bored with nothing to do. I don’t want to brag but my days are filled with things I enjoy and there are many. I would love to do art full time for once. I was born to be independently wealthy. If only I can win the lottery. I buy a ticket once in a while. I figure someone wins, why not me? That would be a great Christmas present. Another one would be snow. I am tired of green grass nature’s carpet. Just does not jive with the Christmas tree and Santa.

Unfulfillable wishes aside, all is good in the neighborhood. I keep walking my dog ungodly amounts of miles and tell every passing stranger that their dog is super cute. I figured that makes dog owners happy and “happy” is suppose to be part of Christmas. So that is my contribution to the world.


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  1. good morning tatiana. i watched part of the british baking show last night. only the first season and i picked out the bread baking episode. makes me want to make naan and bagels. some of the flavor combinations sound intriguing. i have made bagels before and pretzels. they were quite good. i think i will copy the “no knead’ bread for larry/brady so he could have an easy start to bread baking. it was good seeing you and opie yesterday on such a gorgeous day. today is not so gorgeous 🙂

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