geese flying

My sister got COVID. She is on the mend now. It is unbelievable because you never think it can happen to you or your family. Yet here it is, happening. She probably got it from her co-workers. No one wears masks there in the rural forgotten and forsaken little town in Belorussia located downstream from Chernobyl.  All of them probably thinking the same, “It can’t happen to me.”

Here in Hillsboro, it is business as usual. Although cases and deaths are on the rise and much worse than they were at the beginning of COVID there are no restrictions and all businesses are open. I only go outside if I need to walk my dog and to keep my fridge full of groceries.

My art is on hold as I am waiting on watercolor paper. The paper I have gets warped from the acrylic ink. I am antsy as I need to create to keep my sanity intact as I am still not running. However, with the drawings that I have, I started a campaign on Tumblr. I have not been there for a while thinking it disintegrated as Instagram is holding the lead in the market of social media but to my surprise, there is still a quite large community. We will see what happens. Does not hurt to explore many avenues available.

The weather has been beautiful though. Crisp in the morning and warm and somewhat sunny in the afternoon. Hat weather. My favorite. Of course a short while after I wrote this it started to rain. Strangely I love walking in the rain but I hate running in the rain. I don’t know why. Maybe it is rain wetness that embraces my face as I run which does not happen when I walk. In any case, it is another excuse not to run.

One more week until Christmas vacation. I cannot wait. Of course this year it is going to be a lonely endeavor. Traditionally we gather at my best friend’s house which is full of festivities and wonderful food. I will miss it this year, especially the New Year. It is very important in Russia to have a good New Year celebration as it is said that the way you spend that evening will mark how your upcoming year will go. I guess mine will be lonely. Traditionally, I do not mind being alone. But being alone and being lonely are two very different things. I don’t feel lonely except during holiday celebrations. You just cannot be festive by yourself. These kinds of festivities meant to be shared.

I cannot wait for the passing of 2020 as I suspect the rest of the population. However, I am not sure that 2021 will be better. At least not right away. But I have hope and that is enough.






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