stars falling

April already. Unbelievable. We have been in quarantine for a month. Drinking a lot mostly out of boredom. The time to slow down will come soon. Working from home. Love it. Wish I can find a permanent remote position. Watching a lot of Britain Got Talent and Hell’s Kitchen. Walking 10 miles a day with my dog. Sometimes running 4 miles in addition to that. Doing palates when I am not too lazy. Not an easy task. Eating dinner at 5 pm which some say is good as you don’t go to bed on a full stomach. Grandma’s tale? Posting on Facebook every day: one picture and one paragraph of what I think was funny about my day. Just found out someone I knew passed away. No, not from coronavirus. From iron overload that shuts your organs down. Too young, too soon, not fair, sad. Finally got drawing paper order come in. My computer takes the desk so I have to figure out where to move it so I can do some art. The only downside working from home. The mass hysteria is over and even toilet paper is making its way back to the stores. Things are looking up. As long as you can wipe your ass Trump has nothing on you. Not watching the news. Nothing good there. Overall, shit is ok though. Still alive. Now that the physical isolation has been here for a while it all stopped seem surreal and started to feel like a way of life. Vaping a lot also out of boredom. You’d think I am used to boredom by now. Virtual happy hours with friends a much-needed highlight. Sometimes we run out of things to say though because there is just not much going on in anyone’s lives. Talking to my sister a lot. Well, she is talking and I am putting the phone down and on a speaker and working. She is a talker. And I mean a talker. Hours pass by. The good thing is that I can get away with an occasional “Aha.” I don’t know what I am going to do if she visits me for a couple of weeks. Can’t really put her on the speaker then. Got really close to my dog since it is just me and him. He jumps in bed with me at 6:45 every morning and we sleep together until 8:30. Best feeling ever with your doggo snuggling next to you. The dreams are sweeter. The weather is warm. Windows are open. Life goes on.


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