Things I see when I am running:

1. The asphalt with with intricate patterns of dry leaves stuck to it and interlaced with patterns of somebody else’s footprints.  I always wonder how many miles they ran before me.

2. Chicken bones. They are everywhere as if the inhabitants of Tanasbourne all walking around with the drumsticks and discard the thigh bones afterwards.

3. Dandelions

4. Once I saw a mama possum carrying an basin amount of babies on her back.

5. Blackberry bushes getting ready to be full of ripe berries and trying to grab your ankles with their newly sprouted thorny arms.

6. Indian people walking on the park’s path. They are all employing of Nike who encourages them to walk for a break.

7. Dog walkers. It seems that every second person in Tanasbourne was adapted by a dog. When I walk Opee they all want to say hi by the way of sniffing his butt. He simply ignores them which disappoints the adapted human. The dogs don’t mind.

8. Cars. A lot of cars because a part of the path I run is along one of the main roads. I often see that people in BMW and Lexuses do not use turn signals. I deem them the assholes. Subarus go 10 miles below speed limits and Volkswagens have an basin amount of different stickers on their backs as if the drivers want let everybody  know how much they love Oregon and the places they have been.

9. Gophers sticking their heads out of large mounds of earth they have made trying to bask in the sun. I don’t see their heads if it rains. Smart creatures.

10. Indian ladies strolling gracefully adorned with beautiful saris. (I live in predominantly Indian neighborhood with amazing smells of delicious Indian food).  The ladies are a welcome splashes of color among brownish apartment buildings. Who picks the color of shit to paint the buildings?

11. Stray cats. There are a lot of them. People move and leave them behind. Assholes. However, they are very well fed because almost every resident of the buildings painted the color of shit puts the cat food out by their doors. Adapt not contribute to overpopulation. The food, of course is also eaten by skanks, raccoons, and Opee.


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