Yesterday we ventured to Washington because I wanted to hike Siouxon Creek trail. On the way there before taking the turn of the highway we were welcomed by Google Lady to WA. Nice touch Google.

The trail was beautifully accompanied by the creek with it’s swimming holes of most beautiful blue-green water and waterfalls. (see it on Instagram). However, to get to this beauty you have to drive for an hour on the worst road ever. It is full of potholes and asphalt breaks. At one point I thought my little car would refuse to go further.

Once we got there it started sprinkling rain and I almost turned back but decided not to wuss out. If you are not prepared to do activities in the rain you should not live at Pacific Northwest. As we progressed on the trail we got caught in a huge thunderstorm, thunder, lightning and all. Opee became unsure of himself but with my gentle caresses proceeded forward. I am glad we did even soaking wet as it was absolutely worth it. The green of the trail was intense being wet and you felt like swimming submerged into the forest accompanied by the soundtrack of the flowing creek. At the end of the trail, we were greeted by a beautiful tall waterfall.

The only downside of this trail is campers. There are many camping sites along the trail and on Saturday every single one of them was full. I felt sorry for the campers as due to the rain they were marooned in the tents missing the beauty around them.

It is worth noting that if you hike with a dog you don’t have to bring water for them. The trail is full of little creeks flowing downward into the big one. Plenty of opportunity for cool refreshments.

Although the trail is step-in couple of places, for the most part, it is flat and is covered by the needles of conifers growing along the trail. They release a wonderful sweet scent that only pines are capable of. I have read somewhere that these trees do emanate it as a defense from various bugs that would like to house themselves in their bark.

When we got home I experienced a complete zen. The tiredness was of the best kind (it is a 9 mile out and back) and had to be nourished by some kind of sustenance. We ate pizza.


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