Set up my art-making space in my living room. It sure made an already smallish space look even smaller. But it is cozy. I moved a plant that was separating the couch and my favorite IKEA chair (which is super comfy and affordable) next to the balcony window and it made a huge difference as far as feng-shui goes and I am sure as far as the plant goes as it is now receiving tons of light. I am sure it will be thriving even more. The messy art table (which is inevitable for me in order to make art) seems to fit right in with what seems to be a carefully designed space. I have always had a knack for interior design. I am not hooting my own horn. I received many compliments over the years from the visitors to my living spaces at the time saying how zen they feel in them. I had friends asking me to redesign their living spaces. If I was gutsy enough I would quit my present job and go to interior design school (although it might be a very bad idea to study the pre-arranged design from the industry standards. They have a tendency to look all the same as a department store).

On a different note, tonight I am drinking (and I mean drinking). It’s the end of the long week and because I took a week-long break from running I feel antsy. Tomorrow the running and the palates start again. Back on the horse of healthy living. Tonight marks the end of sloth. Of course, it is just an excuse to drink copious amount of wine. I love wine. I never drink hard liquor mainly because my father and my grandfather did and were alcoholics so genetically I am doomed. Sticking to wine somehow makes me feel somehow less like an alchie.

On yet another note, I have bought a Juul, which is a tobacco vaping devise in hopes to get away from cigarettes. I have tried it (my bestie bought one) and it has a tingling in the throat which is exactly what I have been missing for when I first tried an e-cigarette before.  Needless to say, it did not stick. The previous e-cigarette, not the Juul. I hope Juul does the trick because I am starting to feel a pain in my lungs when I go for a moderate run which is anything more than 5 miles.

Anyhow, this concludes all recount of the exciting things that have been happening in my life as of late. I would include a picture of my first art piece made in my new are space but apparently as WordPress notified me, I have exceeded the MB quota for images and I am too lazy to get into php files to increase it. So I will be imageless until I do.



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