geese flying

Don’t have much to say lately. Life is settled into a straight path: walk, work, run, walk, eat, sleep — precisely in that order. Running is going well though. I am at 10 miles. Finally where I left off before the broken wrist. Right now anything beyond 10 miles does not feel like a workout. I’ll be doing 10s for another week or so and then increase is coming. My goal is to run 13.1 by November.

I haven’t done much hiking mostly because of running and because in the Summer it is literally head-to -butt on the trails. Now that Fall is almost here my hiking season will start. Hopefully.

Went to a doctor yesterday because for a week I could not take a deep breath. The guy had no idea why and really beyond whipping out an App and entering my symptoms (I am not kidding) came up with 0 for blood clots.  I could have done the same at WebMD. That was my excitement of yesterday. Let see what tomorrow brings?

Work is boring boring boring. Nothing is happening (literally) and when it is slow I lose all motivation to invent projects for myself. However, I got really good at Solitaire. Even considering changing jobs (for real). The pay increase would be nice as well. But who wants to be a squirrel in a rat’s race working for a tech corp? Considerations: being able to dedicate 2 hours at work to running, com in late — skip out early, run errands during the day. If I can find another job that will accommodate these considerations and pay twice what I am making at will be a dream job.

But I started doing art again. That makes me happy. I post it on Instagram and that gives me extra motivation.

I have no idea why I recount my everyday life here. I am sure there are plenty of other subjects to write about. But I don’t want to write about politics and Trump and my brain isn’t working for anything else.


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